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This site is dedicated to provide learning resources for the PISMP subject EDU3053 Technology in teaching and learning. I sincerely hope the sharing may help you to get a better idea how to integrate educational technology in the classroom teaching more effectively.

Just relax and enjoy what I have to present to you!

Mobizen, Free Apps for mirroring android screen on PC

This is a free apps that enable you to mirror the handphone screen on the PC.

You need to:

  1. Install the Mobizen sender apps on your handphone, and activate the Developer Options and the “Debug app when connected”.
  2. Install the Mobizen receiver .exe file on your PC. and launch it.
  3. Connect your handphone and the computer via USB cable.
  4. On your PC, login in to get the 6 digits code.
  5. On your handphone, run the 2-steps verification and key in the 6 digits code. Click connect.
  6. Once connected, you shall be able to mirror the handphone screen on your PC.

Here’s some videos tutorial about this app:


This website provide interesting ideas in producing 2D and 3D arts and toys, and have regular Children TV show in the Singapore TV Channel octo .

You may watch the view to learn the process of making such toys and may download the pdf manual.

Do explore this website and see how it may help you in creating props that may attract your students’ attention.

Impressive photography ideas

Here’s another sharing from Andrea Tamron about ways to create impressive images. This sharing is suitable for people whom had acquired the basic photography technical skills and understand the composition principles and WILLING to do a lot of listening:

Andrea Tamron. (2013). 11 simple secrets to better pictures.