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EDU3053 – Chapter 12 Issues and trends in educational technology

Good afternoon.

Kindly read the following topic:

  • Trends in educational technology
    • Tell me what is the latest trend and practice that you know about educational technology?
  • Internet security and confidentiality of personal information
    • How do we protect our particulars from fallen into the wrong hand?
  • Copyright
    • What is the rational behind copyright?
    • How is it being reinforced?
    • What is FAIR USE of others’ intellectual properties?

You may refer to the notes that I gave you at the beginning of the course and browse through my blog under

EDU3053 > T12 Issues & Trends

Plagiarism is unethical!

We are using online Plagiarism Checker to detect any COPY AND PASTE the original article into the essay WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!

Unfortunately, I came across such unethical acts among TLS2 students!

We do refer to articles for information but need to REWRITE the statement using our own understanding and sentences, on top of that citing the source of reference, and prepare the reference list at the last section of your assignment!

In the university level, this kind of work deserves 0%! The culprit will be expelled!

Here, you will expect very LOW marks for plagiarism!


Teaching in the 21st century!

Do you like a traditional “chalk and talk” learning session? Does the teacher know EVERYTHING and MORE  SUPERIOR than the students?

I am afraid, the fact is not so any more!

The advancement in the science and technology had made information accessible and it is just a click away for almost EVERY ONE that has access to the World Wide Web.

So, how about teaching in the 21st century? What could be the strength, weakness, strength and challenges face by US, the teachers?

Let’s get some ideas from the video below:

Delafosse, Sonja. (2011). Teaching in the 21st  century.

Pertandingan Fotografi & Penerbitan Video Sempena Minggu Integriti

Pertandingan ini dibuka kepada semua pelajar PISMP Semester 4 dan 6 IPGKTHO.
Tarikh Tutup:  Sebelum 21 September 2014 (Ahad)
Kategori Fotografi :
  • Penyertaan secara individu.
  • Berdasarkan tema yang ditetapkan.
  • Gambar foto bercetak saiz 8R tanpa bingkai secara cetakan tunggal yang menggunakan glossy paper.
  • Sertakan CD yang mengandungi softcopy karya dalam format JPEG / TIFF / BITMAP.

Kategori Video:

  • Penyertaan secara berkumpulan (2 atau 3 orang)
  • Berdasarkan tema yang ditetapkan.
  • Tempoh masa tidak melebihi 5 minit.
  • Format video : MP4, WMV, AVI dan lain-lain format yang boleh ditayangkan.
Sila hubungi En. Zelkepli bin Shahrom, Penyelaras Program untuk maklumat lanjut.
Sekian. Terima kasih.

Gentle Reminder for your assignment

Kindly refer to the Instruction of your project for course work requirement and its rubrics that were shown to you.

I shall be grading your blog based on the following criteria:

  1. The Learning Objectives, Learning Outcomes that adhere to the KSSR Standard Document.
  2. Your reference list which acknowledge the sources of information and resources, in APA style.
  3. The instruction that you gave to guide your students using your blog.
  4. The Learning Resources – The appropriateness of the Content and layout design.
  5. The Practice & Evaluation – The activities are relevant and appropriate, with feedback.
  6. The integration of Multimedia elements – Text, Graphics, Audio, Video, Animation, Interactivity. No broken links.
  7. Your essay – It is actually the reflection on your blogging experience and application of instructional design model(s) when you create this learning package.
  8. Originality, creativity, innovation & effort!
  9. The overall look and feel.

The other features that I have asked you to include in your blog are part of the practical for EDU3053 as for fulfilling the course requirement. Their presence will not affect your score of this assignment but their absence shall leave an impact on the overall impression about your attitude and sincerity.

Your assignment will be considered completed and due by the end this Thursday, 11th  September 2014.

Any pages or posts published AFTER 4th SEPTEMBER 2014 will not be graded!