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MS PowerPoint – Text Effects

Another experiment with text animation with MS PowerPoint:

Kan, Sumitra Fong Kuen. (2014). MS PowerPoint 2010: Demo text effect.

Topic 11 ICT enhancing T&L

Good morning.

Kindly browse EDU3053 Discussion, especially on topic 11 (you may read about Fog VLE in the EDU3053 section), do you have any idea how to share your point of view over those discussion topics?


Guidelines for becoming an excellent teacher.

When we apply the ASSURE Model in planning and implementing our lessons, it did not promise 100% successful lesson but guaranteed that you will be better prepared to execute your lessons effectively and nurturing your potential to achieve great success in the future.

Here’s a sharing for tips paving the way to become an excellent teacher, you may find elements of the ASSURE model here and there:

For those who can understand the Chinese language, you may click the link to read tips provided by the Chinese Education Bulletin (中国教育报).(2014). 【专业课】成长为一名特级教师的66条建议.


Well, you need not be a teacher like him!

If you are interested to know more, do Google around to get more information!