T7 Photography – Practical session

You may form a group of two or three in order to produce 10 images collectively. Even though you may share these 10 images but everyone is expected to produce 10 different images after the photo retouching session because everyone has his(her) own styles and taste.

You are required to publish these photograph in your WordPress Blog as part of your own portfolio which you may feel proud of yourself. I shall select the best composition to be published in Laman Karya CIPTA to be shared by the whole IPGKTHO!

Here’s the 10 images that I hope you will be able create:

  1. Long shot
  2. Medium shot
  3. Close up
  4. Extreme close up
  5. Low angle (looking upward), for example:

6. High angle (looking downward), for example:

7. Oblique / canted angle (slanting), for example:

8. & 9Playing with perspective, for example:


10. Free choice – Anything that you wanted to do to show your creativity!

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