T12 Issues & Trend – Latest trend in Ed Tech

Reidel (2014) had listed 10 major trends in educational technology where the students had show learning via non-traditional way such as:

  1. Have personal access to mobile devices especially laptops and tablets.
  2. Access to Internet connectivity at home.
  3. Using video for classwork and homework (that could be created by teachers or otherwise).
  4. Use mobile devices for schoolwork – as reminder, collect resources, pooling for ideas, etc.
  5. Able to use different tools/apps for different tasks.
  6. Paying attention to digital footprint – i.e. the trail of data left behind by other users, it may means they are aware of other’s posts and may responds to it.
  7. An increased interest in online learning.
  8. Gaming is growing and the gender gap is closed – playing games are no longer the privileges of boys only.
  9. Social media is a popular form of interaction.
  10. What devices belong to the ‘Ultimate School’? – preference for mobile devices is on the rise and varies over time.

Parr (2014) sees the trends as:

  1. Growing ubiquity of social media in most interaction pattern
  2. Integration of online, hybrid and collaborative learning
  3. Rise of data-driven learning and assessment
  4. Shift from students as consumers to students as creators
  5. Agile approach to change that “use technology as a catalyst for promoting a culture of innovation in a more widespread, cost-effective manner”
  6. Evolution of online learning which made it an appealing approach to learning.

Parr, Chris. (2014). 6 trends that will accelerate the adoption of technology in higher education. Access August 31, 2014 from http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/news/6-trends-that-will-accelerate-the-adoption-of-technology-in-higher-education/2011131.fullarticle 

Reidel, Chris. (2014). 10 Major technology trends in education. Accessed August 31, 2014 from http://thejournal.com/articles/2014/02/03/10-major-technology-trends-in-education.aspx

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