T12 Issues & Trends – Copyright

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Try to find out the answer for the following questions:

  • Who is protected by the Copyright Act?
  • What are the items that are protected under the Copyright Act?
  • How long can the owner exercise his copyright act over his creation?
  • What is the function of a Copyright Tribunal?


Further reading:

The USA Copyright Clearance Center had created this video to explain the basic of copyright, click here to watch the video.

Question: DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY COPYRIGHTED resource  that I am using in the classroom?

Well, there’s such a clause named “Fair use” that allows us to utilize the material for non-profit purposes, especially when education and researches are concerned.

You may also access to these websites for informal information regarding the copyright issues:




i.   How does “Copyright”, “Patent”, “Trade Mark” and “Service Mark” defer from one from another?

ii. How much is enough under the term of fair use where the teacher may use copyrighted resources in their classroom?

iii. What could be the role of the teacher to bring about the awareness of COPYRIGHT in their students?

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