Multimedia in Education

What is multimedia?

Basically, multimedia refers to the use of several media simultaneously (Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, 2010). When we look closely to the application of multimedia, The Oxford Online Dictionary had describe it as (Of art, education, etc.) “using more than one medium of expression or communication”.

In a broader sense and present conception of the use of multimedia, The had defined multimedia as “Integration of animation, audio, graphics, text, and full-motion video through computer hardware and software for education, entertainment, or training.”(image source:

The “Hypertext” environment allows the nonlinear approaches to move through a body of information (Ivers & Barron, 2006) where hyperlinks let’s the user “jump” from topic to topics at one click at the hypertext and hypermedia.

How the hypertext works.
(image source:

You may have an overview of the concept and examples of multimedia application by watching the following video:

Fredwell, Dana. (2012). Multimedia in education.

Multimedia : Definition | Reason to use it | How-to | Project in education | Reference

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