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Welcome to EDU3053!

As we uphold the noble mission of Educational Technology as:

The study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing, appropriate technological processes and resources “.

(AECT, 2004)

What I am sharing  with you here are the theory and practice in selecting, managing, designing, developing and implementing various type of technology in the teaching and learning process where Integrating Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is just one of the technology available to the teachers. It  is a mean but NOT the the end! 

Here’s how this blog site works:

  • What’s new – the latest post and information.
  • HOME – The HOME button will bring you back to my main blog site, i.e. sumitrakanfk.com
  • About this site -The overview of the whole blog site.
  • Learning Theories – Information about theories and models in learning
  • EDU3053 Learning materials – The content for subject Technology in teaching and learning, you may find quizzes and hyperlinks to relevant external resources.
  • EDU3053 Forum – The topics of discussion that guide you through the gist of the topical issues and trends.
  • Classroom Management – Some tips to help you getting your students under control.
  • Gallery – My album and portfolio.
  • Wisdom within – Collection of speeches that inspires

The blog is written in English. Any way, I do have prepared the discussion topic in the Malay language, which you’ll find on the right side bar under the title “EDU3053 (BM)“.

May you find information that is useful to you and hopefully you’ll find it an engaging meeting space for people sharing the same interest.



This site is specially created to share information on Educational Technology with the PISMP students of Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

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