Presentation Skills – Look backing at what the masters did

Steve Jobs is an amazing Dream Maker who inspires and created market demand for his products.

Let watch how he approaches his audience.

  • Can you pin point how did he apply the CASPER design principles in his PowerPoint presentation?
  • How did he planned and executed his presentation by applying the ASSURE model?
  • Can you see the application of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning on how he distributed the amount of information visually and auditorily?

Steve Jobs – 2007 iPhone presentation. (2007).

Apple WWWDC2010 – iPhone 4 introduction. (2012).

Can you see the amount of Literature Review (preparation) done before one opens his mouth? Read, research, analyze, evaluate and then create. There is thorough planning, precise execution that keep the audience’s preference in mind. If all of us can do this, then, we will be able to present our ideas well and effectively attract the audience’s attention.

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