Google Drive

Similar to Dropbox, Google drive is a free cloud technology that enable us to store documents and share it with other in a simple way.

When you own a Gmail account, you may enjoy the benefits of using a variety of Google Apps for free. At this moment, Google Drive provide a storage space of 30 GB for free.

If you use Google Document, Presentation, Worksheet, etc. or convert your original document form other apps to Google Apps format, it is considered no taking up any storage space at all. It will count the space taken up when you keep files such as the MS Office Word, PowerPoint, PDF, flash files, etc. other than the Google Apps format.

Here’s a guide for uploading files to Google Drive and share it with the intended audience. It is written in Malay, I hope you find it useful:


Google Drive – Perkongsian Maklumat by Sumitra Kan Fong Kuen

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