T1.1 Educational Technology

What is your understanding of educational technology?

  • Using the computers, Internet, multimedia, etc.  in the teaching and learning process?
  • Using the trendy social media such as blogs, Youtube, Webpages and LMS to teach?
  • Getting learners to Chat or doing instant messages to deliver ideas?

If you agree with the above statement, well, I can only say, you have an incomplete impression of what educational technology actually is!

Galbraith (1967) had defined technology as:

“…the systematic application of scientific knowledge and other organized knowledge to practical tasks.”

Technology is not simply a tool such as televisions, video cassette recorders, laser disc game, game disc, cassette tape recorders, LCD projectors and other audiovisual aids. At times technology refers to the methods and tools that a society has developed in order to facilitate the solution of its practical problems (Ologies & -Isms, 2008). More importantly, the success in achieving a purpose or objective lies in the skillful use of the tool. For example, planning a lesson involves the adoption of certain idea(s) in the form of theories, approaches, and methods. The tool or educational resources (utilizing technology) serves as a “catalyst” which makes the implementation of teaching and learning processes a success.

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