T7 Photography – Using digital images in the classroom

When we treat photographs as part of our teaching media, the effective ways in highlighting the educational messages using media could be done as the following:

Acedo, M. (2014). 10 smart ways to use digital images in the classroom. http://www.teachthought.com/technology/5-smart-ways-use-digital-images-classroom/

  • Visual biography – These images can symbolize important events, people, or places in their lives. 
  • Photo essay – Students may compile digital images that pertain to a relevant topic, adding captions to explaining the photo’s relation to the subject and giving insight into the student’s thought process.
  • Visual Storytelling – Students create narratives for pictures to describe what is happening.
  • Photojournalism  Student viewing images relating to current issues, discuss, write a reflection or produce their own photos or political cartoons as their weekly assignment.
  • Vocabulary Building – By relating images to the relevant vocabulary, it can also be transform into games or exercises making students give creative descriptions or analogies.

Academic Technology Solution. (n.d.). Using digital photography in your classroom.

The Academic Technology Solution had proposed ways to utilize digital photography in the classroom to build Higher Order Thinking Skills such as in the form of the following activities:

  • locating the objects with similar geometrical shapes to bring out the application and application skill to look for similarities.
  • comparing the ancient (old) technology or civilization with the presence to train the analytical skills
  • collecting images about the school environment to patch up the map of the school to see the spatial relationship between the ecology and man made buildings or objects.
  • producing flow charts, etc. that illustrate the steps in performing certain skill in physical education curriculum.
  • create pictorial photo book about local historical places, events, people, objects, etc.
  • Alphabet photo book – students are assigned certain alphabets so as to collect images about objects, buildings, etc which names begin with such letter.

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