T7 Photography – Effective images

Sarnol, Daniel. (2009). in his article What makes a design or photograph effective?  had listed the following indicators:

  • They are designed with respect to the needs and wants of the target audience.
  • Professionally executed without any technical error.
  • Communicate your message without the use of word.

Stack Exchange co (2014) had mentioned that a good composition:

  • eliminates the unnecessary details and enhances the key subject to draw the audience’s focus and attention to the key subject or message.
  • tells a story or depict an artistic vision.

Harmel, Mark (2009). echoes the same view points by saying that effective presentation of images possesses the following properties:

  • point of view (framing the subject of interest) clearly communicate your idea.
  • make the massage simple.
  • relevant to the audience’s need and concern.

When photographs are used as teaching and learning media, the intention is to convey educational messages. Guidelines mentioned in the above paragraphs are applicable in the design, production and the delivery of the visuals in the classroom environment.



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