Smartphone photography

This is an interesting photography ideas about the smartphone application which I came across the YouTube collection:

Holder, Lawrence. (2014). 7 smartphone photography tips and tricks.

Learning (Lectures) can be ENGAGING!

Let’s see how Professor Walter Lewin won his audience!

You will realize how the enthusiasm becomes the internal motivation that drives him to get involved in the planning, preparation with audio visual aids and execute a lecture in FULL ACTION!

Never ever under estimate the motivational factor!

A teacher doesn’t just to need to motivate the students, but be he himself need to be MOTIVATED!

Love our subject, love our profession!

Walter Lewin – a truly inspirational teacher. (2014).

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This site is dedicated to provide learning resources for the PISMP subject EDU3053 Technology in teaching and learning. I sincerely hope the sharing may help you to get a better idea how to integrate educational technology in the classroom teaching more effectively.

Just relax and enjoy what I have to present to you!

The ASSURE Model: Application in classroom teaching

How would you describe your application of the ASSURE model in your classroom teaching based on a specific topic of your major or elective subject?

  1. Specify the KEYWORD of all the steps in the ASSURE model.
    Failed to use the keywords shows that you are not familiar with the model.
  2. Every element (or steps) needs elaboration:
  • Brief explanation of the steps involved.
    Explain what to do in every steps shows analytical thinking which reflect how much you know about each step.
  • Quote the example of how you relate each step to the planning and implementation of your lesson.
    Able to describe each step in your lesson by showing us the your selection of the MEDIA, METHOD and  MATERIAL which is relevant and appropriate for the subject, activity and the competence level of the audience is a must.
    If you can clearly articulate what you’ll do and what you expect the students to do shows maturity and competence in the transfer of knowledge as well as the skills to CREATE an authentic task that fulfills the need for the real situation.

A test (or examination) is an opportunity for you to work out the knowledge and skills in a real or authentic situation.

Remember the essay which we have asked you to do for your assignment? We asked you to describe which instructional design model that you have used to guide your creation of the WordPress Blog and its teaching and learning content.

This exam question is actually repeating the question that you received during your assignment.


How you APPLY the instructional design (model) to make the classroom teaching a successful is the GIST and OBJECTIVE of this course!

Internet ETHICS vs Internet SAFETY

Which of the two concepts mentioned above is concerned with the RIGHT and WRONG, DO’s and DON”Ts that will affect the OTHER users in term of:

  • jeopardize their well being and loosing wealth or prestige by using dirty tricks, lies, phising and so on ?
  • deprived them of their merit and achievement?
  • infringe the copyright that may cause the original author/producer to loose certain amount of income / profit … ?
  • spreading rumor or reveal confidential (personal) details to tarnish the other’s image / reputation using?
  • Spreading unfounded facts and pick on sensitive issues or racist.bias statements to create fear, hatred and social disharmony?
  • imposing bad / unethical /cruel action that influence the flickered minded audience to follow blindly?
  • spreading computer viruses to hamper or destroy other Internet Users’ system, data, etc.
  • hacking into other people’s websites, databases for fun/ to show off own competency?

What would be the scope of the other concept?

As a teacher, what would be your ROLE to ensure students COMPLY to the Internet Ethics and Safety? How can these be DONE?